Created by Natasha Nicholson, Pete Quinn Davis, Annie Legge, and Alex Hilson. As part of our work as Data Fellows in the South West Creative Technology Network

Annie Legge

Annie is co-founder of DOT PROJECT and DOT INSIGHT, with a background across art, technology and the social sector. Annie brings deep passion and drive to impact social development initiatives through the sustainable use of technology, and has explored effective and inclusive community sense-making through system mapping.

Natasha Nicholson

Natasha is a partner in charlick+nicholson architects. Her research is focussed on data, democracy and place, including the spatial, material and structural aspects of data and data systems in placemaking. She is interested in how data can turbocharge collective decision-making and change. Natasha has researched signal-blocking technologies in architecture, and asks can a critical approach to the presence and absence of data form new approaches to civic engagement, democracy, and new types of space?"

Pete Quinn Davis

Pete is a creative producer and maker experienced across multiple sectors of design, art and architecture, both as a practitioner and an academic, Pete has spent the majority of his working years in the sector championing a human-centered, empathetic approach to all aspects of creative technology projects. Pete is programme leader for MA Design at UOP Plymouth and his research focus has been transdisciplinary, where fluidity of practice and theory, moves between the genres of architecture, art and design. His primary research focus is the use of scanning technologies, how data is produced, gathered understood and used, particularly physical data, data that can be seen. Once processed and spun in multiple ways it can reveal patterns that can provide insights and enable change, the direction for the creative research is how this physical data can be used across the creative arts, the environmental and heath sectors.

Through the Data Fellowship with the South West Creative Technology Network, Pete has further developed his focus on how we can use scanned data to physically manifest, manage, direct and utilize the unique potentialities of scanning technology. By using data in this form, as a new form of material, we have the opportunity to rethink and see new links between our ecological world, the world of designed objects, visualised spaces, cultural meanings and ourselves.

Alex Hilson

Alex is a software developer, and has been exploring how data helps (and hinders) people to take control of the environment they live in.