Data Voice - Corinne Stuart

Data Fellow, SWCTN.

Data and me

Over the last year I have been challenging my relationship with and opinions of data. I am a millennial who works on consumer and automotive electronics, it is in every aspect of my life. The usefulness of data is often glamorised, as a fix all for design, businesses and the individual. “If we had the data we would know what to fix” it can invent problems we didn’t know we had.

I have spent the last year researching the environmental impacts of digital data and the stakeholders in its design. It's ubiquity in our daily lives means it’s only going to increase in quantity. I would like to start us looking at digital data as a resource which we should use in a lean way in design as the processing, sending and storing of every bit uses energy.


In [Y]our Dreams by Corinne Stuart, Rachel Still and Ellie Sillett

Datafication and sense making of dreams. An alternative version of a dream journal, in an increasingly data driven world. Three friends' dreams plotted for fourteen days. Abstracting and comparing the usually personal, forgotten, unmeasurable moments bringing us closer.

Plotted on a scale from the surreal, uncomfortable, nightmarish to the comfortable, personal, safe dreams. The key is private so only the three can read it. The intersections of our dreams have been highlighted, showing that even though we have not been together this year, we are still sharing so much even in dream worlds.

Burning question

What do you think will be the biggest benefit of our increasingly connected and collected digital lives?