Data Voice - Grace Quantock

Trailblazing Wellness Un(Ltd)

Data and me

As a psychotherapeutic counsellor and writer, my work is embedded in the collection, processing, understanding and sharing of stories. This embodied human data is rich and often when working with people with multiple marginalised and oppressed identities and complex trauma (my specialism) is often overwhelming.

Traditionally psychoanalytic theory oriented disturbance and distress in an individual’s psychological processes. However, many layers of data are often feeding into an individual’s experience; cultural-relational, intergenerational, socio-historical, transpersonal and transhistorical layers are impacting each individual process and interaction. All these interweaving layers of story, experience and understanding can contribute to overwhelm.

As I work with clients who have intersecting marginalized identities we had to create frames for processing and containing this field data while living alongside it. Together we have created processes on expanding capacity to contain data, to process often overwhelming data experiences and ways to filter the data to which they are exposed.


Eula Bliss, The Pain Scale (attached).

This beautiful essay poetically considers the possibility of measuring our personal data and whether it can help us connect or, in attempting to connect, cause further breaches in understanding.

Burning question

What happens to our relationship with our lived experience when we codify it into data?

e.g in a Pain Scale or in Department of Work and Pensions ‘points’ systems for benefits assessments or in a symptom diary or app.