Data Voice - Michelle Forrest-Beckett

Data and me

Over the last two decades I have worked within the data industry to fund my practice and research, and there is no doubt that forms of data communication are having an impact upon my thinking. Since 2015 I have been working with digital tools out of their usual context, as a material, through artistic means. And for the last year I have played witness to sensory qualities emerging within the field of data, during the process of becoming algorithm.

Discovering that I am a process-based artist, who takes a Frankenstein-like approach to the appropriation of material, my curiosity is to probe the matter and witness the mattering, through forms of (mis)communication and (dis)orientation. Creative play challenges predetermined outcomes, creating unbounded sequences and iterations in the form of conceptual / visual propositions, which actively converse but remain inconclusive. I am not trying to solve problems, but draw attention to the problem, to intensify it as a thing in itself.


All My Love: Matters of the Heart and Mind - Episode I 2020

All My Love: Matters of the Heart and Mind - Episode II Dancing with Data, 2021

Burning question

Is there a technological device or App that you are curious to get inside and inhabit? To perform its processes and see what points of view it may be looking from.